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March 15, 2017

#Originators: Chatting with Lo Bosworth

Lo Bosworth is a total original.

It’s clear from her current endeavors that she’s looking out for her fellow females. And more than that – it’s clear Lo knows how to get it done. She’s runs LadyLovin’, a podcast featuring DJ and writer Jilly Hendrix and comedian Greta Titelman. The trio, who frequently welcome guests they call #GirlCrushes, discuss relationship woes, healthy living, and business. Lo also recently founded Love Wellness, a line of women’s healthcare products made with natural ingredients that Lo herself swears by. She also runs TheLoDown, a super chic lifestyle blog. We personally check in for her simple but tasty recipes.

With her minimalist aesthetic, Lo spreads good looking vibes wherever she goes. To get her signature look, she effortlessly pairs staple pieces in a way that’s chic and beautiful. The looks she puts together are unmistakably hers.

All that makes Lo who she is also makes her a true Kork-Ease #Originator. Originators have one-of-a-kind style. An originator is passionate about life, her work, and the endeavors she commits herself to.

In keeping with our #OriginalYou campaign, we talked to her to learn more about the essence of Lo.

Lo Bosworth sneakers

Pictured above: MARGERET in white.

KE: Tell us about what’s happening in the world, or should we say business, of Lo.

Lo: So much is happening in my world right now! I recently launched Love Wellness, my feminine wellness collection of natural, doctor-recommended products for women. My LadyLovin’ podcast is going really well and we’re moving in to live shows, and of course, TheLoDown is newly designed and featuring great food and beauty content.

Tell us about LadyLovin’. What inspired you to start the podcast?

The inspiration behind LadyLovin’ is straightforward – my friend and I wanted to share the conversations we have with each other with the world. It’s a 2017 radio version of Sex and the City.

What’s one of the more memorable conversations you’ve had on your podcast?

We love having #GirlCrushes on the show – amazing women who inspire us because they’re smart and beautiful. Every conversation is a good one.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a fellow female entrepreneur?

I’d advise any fellow entrepreneur to take a deep breathe when they hit a roadblock. There is always a solution to a problem, and diving right in to solve it may not always be the best strategy.

Tell us an ultimate dream of yours, either personal or professional.

A dream of mine is to be married and have children. I’m very much in that place in my life.

If we could live and dress in any decade, it’d be the 1970s, the decade that put Kork-Ease on the map and just happens to be responsible for some of our favorite trends. If you could live and dress in any decade, which would it be?

I also pick the 1970s!

What fashion advice would you give to your younger self?

I’d tell myself that simplicity and comfort are better overall fashion choices. Anything too trendy could make you stick out in an unflattering way.

When putting a look together, what comes first – the outfit or the shoes?

Typically the outfit comes first, then I fit the shoes it as the finishing touch!

What qualities must a shoe have to stay at the top of your rotation?

As a New Yorker, having a comfortable shoe is so important because of all the walking! Thank goodness flat styles are in fashion otherwise I’d be toast.

You have incredible style not only in terms of what you wear, but also how you’ve designed your life. Tell us about where you find your creative inspiration.

Aesthetics are important to me – living a beautiful life brings me happiness. The cost doesn’t matter – you can find great beauty in inexpensive things.

How do you put your own spin on classic pieces, so that an outfit is unmistakably yours and no one else’s?

I think jewelry, a great hairstyle, and chic make-up is a nice way to bring an outfit together in a really personal way.

You’re from the west coast, and now you live in New York City. What about your style has remained constant, despite where you are on the map?

I still love a pair of jeans – that feeling won’t ever go away!

Lo Bosworth in Blue Heels

Pictured above: LAWTON in blue.

Lo shopped our spring collection for the season’s coolest shoes. See her picks here.

See how Lo styles our favorite blue heel, the LAWTON, here.

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