June 11th, 2015

Office Style – Introducing Keirn


When it comes to dressing for work, there are two key things I always keep in mind; style and comfort.

It’s important to know how good something is going to look, and how comfortable it’s going to be to spend the day in. Certain questions that crop up in my head while I’m getting dressed usually vary from “Can I spend the day on my feet in these shoes?” and “How comfortable will I be walking to grab lunch in this?” and “Actually, I wonder what I should have for lunch today?” and “Did that new lunch place around the block from me ever open up?”

Never knowing where the day will take me, comfortable shoes are always a must. Today, I wore the super comfy bi-color Keirn sandals  – one of our newest additions to the Kork-Ease line. The team here is so excited to finally share it with everyone!


Keirn is a black suede and avana brown leather wedge with an adjustable ankle strap supplying max comfort. Pairing them with an all-black look is a slick way to make such a rich brown leather pop.

Today, I put a little business casual twist on this comfy wedge by pairing it with a sleek, minimalist black romper. The bi-color design of this sandal worked perfectly with the neutral tone of my outfit. Keirn isn’t suited to just any one style though – thanks to a classic silhouette and a neutral color palette, it easily works with just about anything in your closet.


Keirn is an early addition to our fall line, but it’s an incredible transitional style thanks to its open-toe silhouette. For the summer, wear it with your favorite white crocheted lace sundress to let the deep colors pop. When chilly autumn winds start to roll in, pair Keirn with high-waist bell bottom jeans for a throwback Thursday worthy look!

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Keirn comes in four colors; Black Avana (brown/black, pictured here), Stone Under (grey), T. Moro (dark brown) and Mina Rolio Suede (blue/grey combo).


copy avana blackstone under png


  • Keirn in Stone Under

    Keirn in Stone Under

  • Keirn in Black/Avana

    Keirn in Black/Avana

  • Keirn in T. Moro

    Keirn in T. Moro

  • Keirn in Rolio Suede

    Keirn in Rolio Suede

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March 23rd, 2015


Our Spring 2015 collection is inspired by the ever-present mod aesthetic of the 1960’s. When designing this fun collection, we channeled the whole mod scene to come up with plenty of platform wedge sandals that could have been worn by Twiggy herself.

Round sunglasses, short shift dresses, bob hairdo’s, nude lips and bold eyelashes; all of these came into play when we styled our spring collection photoshoot. In order to match our shoes to an outfit, we put together a few pieces allowing you to complete your look or if you’re simply looking to update your closet to include some sweet 60’s mod pieces. You don’t have to go full Twiggy, but if you’re looking to incorporate some more pieces, here’s where to start.

1. Shift Dress

shift dress resize

Hitting just above the knees with a loose fit, a shift dress lends itself to the quintessential mod-girl silhouette. 

Pictured left to right: River Island Black & White Shift dress, $89.58 | ASOS Shift Dress in Jacquard Check with Funnel Neck, $62.70 | Sister Jane Wool Mix Shift Dress with Faux Fur Hem, $116.45.

2. Polka Dot Accessory

marc jacobs scrunchie

Whether the spots are larger than life or tiny little buttons, polka dots are key to the pervasive color blocking trend. Bonus points if you can find the pattern on a chic headscarf.

Marc by Marc Jacobs “De Lite Dot” Scrunchie, $32.

3. Rounded Frames


Round frames can work with any face shape…if they’re big enough.

Prada PR27NS Sunglasses, $300.

4. Bold Eyelashes

Bold eyelashes, nude lips, and minimal everything else. If you have white eyeliner, apply it to the inner corners and lower lashline for an eye-brightening affect.

lancome hynpose

Lancome Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara, $27.50.

5. Platform Shoes

korkease golden sand

Obviously, you can’t do the sixties without a sleek pair of platform sandals. This gorgeous, strappy wedge in a season-perfect neutral shade is the easiest way to give an outfit a nostalgic sixties mod vibe. The Ava 2.0 wedge in Golden Sand is a perfect compliment to a shift dress, as it elongates the legs with a slight lift. And in a versatile color as this, these wedges will blend in with any bold colorblock or print you choose to pair them with.

Kork-Ease Ava 2.0 wedge in Golden Sand,, $145.

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February 12th, 2015


  • Cameron's Books

    Cameron's Books

As the years have passed by, my life has been punctuated by a number of thought-provoking, transformative works of literature.  When I heard about Cameron’s Books, the oldest bookstore in Portland, I knew I had to stop by 336 SW 3rd.

Cameron’s Books wasn’t just your average, run-of-the-mill used bookstore. Sure, it had that musty smell that characterizes most bookstores, and the racks were cluttered with books arranged in a way that was only understood by the surly-on-the-surface manager, but something about this place was magical.

I browsed through the shelves and I was twitterpated, enamored by the brilliantly-colored covers and book spines.  These books were more than old paper and ink, they were artifacts and each one had a sensational history. I could just tell.

Eventually, I came across the extensive collection of old magazines. When I say, “old,” I mean issues of Vogue, Life and Fortune that date back to the 1920s. When the manager informed me that many people buy these magazines as unique gifts, a light bulb went off.

I asked him if he had a publication from the date of my mother’s birthday. He checked his stock, and presented me with an issue of Life from January 16, 1956. Anita Ekberg from the movie War and Peace, one of my mother’s all-time favorites, graced the cover and immediately I felt like fate had brought me through Cameron’s doors.

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