February 12th, 2015


  • Cameron's Books

    Cameron's Books

As the years have passed by, my life has been punctuated by a number of thought-provoking, transformative works of literature.  When I heard about Cameron’s Books, the oldest bookstore in Portland, I knew I had to stop by 336 SW 3rd.

Cameron’s Books wasn’t just your average, run-of-the-mill used bookstore. Sure, it had that musty smell that characterizes most bookstores, and the racks were cluttered with books arranged in a way that was only understood by the surly-on-the-surface manager, but something about this place was magical.

I browsed through the shelves and I was twitterpated, enamored by the brilliantly-colored covers and book spines.  These books were more than old paper and ink, they were artifacts and each one had a sensational history. I could just tell.

Eventually, I came across the extensive collection of old magazines. When I say, “old,” I mean issues of Vogue, Life and Fortune that date back to the 1920s. When the manager informed me that many people buy these magazines as unique gifts, a light bulb went off.

I asked him if he had a publication from the date of my mother’s birthday. He checked his stock, and presented me with an issue of Life from January 16, 1956. Anita Ekberg from the movie War and Peace, one of my mother’s all-time favorites, graced the cover and immediately I felt like fate had brought me through Cameron’s doors.

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January 16th, 2015


  • Crystal Ballroom

    Crystal Ballroom

  • Lamenting Love & Life

    Lamenting Love & Life

  • Crystal Ballroom Debuting Natalya

    Crystal Ballroom Debuting Natalya

My exhilarating adventures had left me thirsty for more of Portland’s vibrant funkiness and a night of dancing was definitely at the top of my agenda. After three outfit changes, I expertly winged my eyeliner, applied my favorite boho natural lipstick and headed out to the Crystal Ballroom.

As I walked through the doors, the nostalgic aura of the place gave me goose bumps. With a 100-year history, there was a palpable energy that can’t be explained, but needs to be experienced.

Since 1914, the Crystal Ballroom has been a controversial 1920s jazz hall, popular Depression-era theater, 60s rock mecca and idolized beacon of counter-culture. Strolling through the hallway lined with posters signed by world-renowned actors, artists and musicians from decades past gave me a colorful glimpse into the collection of lurid memories and tales housed by these walls and beams. The Crystal’s past epitomizes epic coolness and the ballroom wears its history like a badge of honor.

Floor-to-ceiling windows, breathtaking chandeliers and eclectic art pieces all contribute to a unique bohemian glamour, but its floating dance floor really sets the Crystal Ballroom apart. As I twirled around to the music of a local band, I literally felt like I was dancing on air. Time slipped away and my heart and soul grew happier with every passing minute.

Ready to dance among the clouds and drink in the presence of cultural game changers? Head over to the Crystal Ballroom at 1332 W. Burnside. You can check out their lineup here,


Crystal Ballroom:

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December 11th, 2014


Spend a minute at Ace Hotel and you’ll be enchanted by its vintage-meets-modern vibe.

At any moment, you’re likely to find hotel guests (some accompanied by their four-legged friends) lounging on the lobby’s evergreen couches as they enjoy their favorite cup of joe from Stumptown Coffee, located just next door. If I’ve learned anything while being in Portland, it’s that Northwesterners simply cannot live without their coffee – I’m pretty sure it pumps through their veins. But the best part about a coffee shop next door? You don’t even have to get out of your pajamas for your morning fix.

After checking in, I wandered upstairs to my room where I found a turntable with old-school vinyls and a weirdly cool mural hand-painted on the wall. I quickly dropped my bags off and headed back downstairs, where an alluring blue cruiser was calling my name.

I hopped on the bike that Ace Hotel so generously let me borrow and the wheels in my head began turning as fast as the wheels on my sparkly ride. Located at 1022 SW Stark Street, Ace was a short distance from anywhere I wanted to be. I was ready for a day-long adventure with endless possibilities. I was ready to give my heart to Portland.


Ace Hotel:


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