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October 12, 2011


Welcome our first guest blogger, Veronika from Tick Tock Vintage! She kicks things off with a fabulous DIY…

it’s been awhile since i worked on a total dress redo, and i must admit that i kind of missed it. with all of the packing and house-selling nonsense that’s been consuming our free time in the past month, my sewing machine hasn’t seen much action. i’ve had this dress in my sewing pile for a long time and have been holding off on “fixing” it; i’m really not sure why i bought it in the first place. i don’t particularly like it, and the shape isn’t incredibly flattering. i figured that i should probably change the color, since it sort of looks like a nightgown.

here’s a before picture – you’ll have to imagine it with huge white long sleeves. i got a bit crazy and forgot to take a picture pre sleeve removal. it was ugly, trust me.

so, here you go. there’s a big sash in the back, and there’s a zipper closure above the sash. there were tiny pearl buttons up the front (actually functioning) and a crappy bead trim along the neckline.

here’s what i turned it in to:

dress: vintage, altered
boots: courtesy of kork-ease

different, right? i used RIT dye to change the color. i was originally going for navy blue but the color didn’t seem to hold very well. after washing, it turned to this light cornflower blue, which i’m okay with. i searched jomar for colorful trim and added it along the waist, neckline, sleeves, and hem. there are five different kinds of trim in all. the dress kind of reminds me of a dirndl or russian sarafan.

here are the three different trims that i added (flowers, white lace, green pompom). the blue lace was on the dress originally, but just changed colors with the dye.

i closed up the front of the dress, since i didn’t really need to unbutton it to get it over my head. i added these knit covered buttons. i wanted to use brass buttons but thought it might be a little too much going on, since i already used so many different trim colors.

this is actually two different kinds of trim layered on top of each other. i believe the bottom trim (the hemp looking one) is for furniture upholstery.

i’ll be wearing these boots all winter long. it’s a new color for me (i’ve never worn red boots) but i think it’s close enough to brown to be considered a neutral. they seem to go with everything so far.

here’s a side by side of the two dresses. excuse the bathroom photo, please!

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