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November 4, 2011


(Joie blouse and coat, Raven Denim cords, Kork-Ease boots, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Ax + Apple necklaces, Carol Marie chunky cuff)

I’m just going to start out and say it’s my birthday today! Woot woot! I’m 21! It’s kind of crazy what’s happened in my life so far. Traveling, working, moving to the east coast, and kind of just making my own path. It’s has been a wild ride but this past year has been one of the best years of my life. That extra feeling of being one ancient son of a gun is just part of the package. Anyways, I’ve already been receiving some amazing gifts. Best birthday present ever? My parents were soo cute and bought me a new lens which is being shipped to NYC as we speak. I’m pretty excited to play around with it. I also received some beautiful additions to my wardrobe (which isn’t as spacious as it should be)! I’ve recently been sporting a lot of Joie, which has a very cool, classic yet boho vibe to it. I’ve always admired this brand so much since I was just a little tween and now I’ve finally got my hands on some really amazing pieces from their latest collections. I could honestly wear this blouse and coat everyday, it makes me feel that good! With fall, I’ve been leaning towards a lot of muted colors and neutrals. I think it kind of goes well with what’s been happening with my hair. Most of you probably noticed it’s A LOT darker than it was before. And thanks to a few new highlights from NYC’s ARROJO salon, I’ve never been happier with the new doooo. I just feel very very FALL in this look. AND HOT DAMN IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. Lots of festivities for the night to come!

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