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December 21, 2011


sweater: thrifted, no tag. i don’t think it’s vintage.
shorts: vintage from jen
necklace: forever21
tights: american apparel (thanks, steph!)
shoes: courtesy of kork-ease

i totally forgot about this outfit until i was sorting through photos, readying them to transfer to the external hard drive. i wore it a couple of weekends ago while the weather was still relatively mild. i don’t think you could have forced a turtleneck sweater on me a couple of years ago, but i’ve been all about ’em this year. they’re a tad bulky, true, but so ridiculously cozy. i’ve been trying to stay away from pairing them with jeans as i don’t want to slip into the sloppy weekend wear trap (most of my weekday nights are spent in my grandma’s sweatpants and a hoodie).

we finally finished our new dining room table over the weekend. in case you missed it, we bought a large amount of ash from a guy nearby my dad’s house. i really wanted a large farmhouse table but they’re so expensive, especially if you want one with a solid wood top – like upwards of $2,000. after a bit of research, i found a plan to make a farmhouse table that is over 8 feet long. we chiseled and sanded and sawed and notched all weekend and it’s finally done. we’re working on the matching benches now and will be applying the wax stain and sealer next. i took lots of progress pictures and will be posting a tutorial as soon as it’s totally finished.

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