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April 27, 2012


Adventures, Nontraditional Schedules & the Great Outdoors!

I have never been someone that enjoys siting around. In fact, I pretty much hate it. I hate sitting and watching tv, I don’t like the idea of lazy Sundays (or any day for that matter) and staying inside all day makes me go crazy. When I was pregnant, I was so afraid of how having a baby would change all that. I thought we wouldn’t be able to do anything anymore or that I would change into someone that would think going out with the baby was too much trouble and I’d just stay home instead. As a result I was determined not to let anything change. I thought we could just charge ahead when Rowan came and could stay the same. The truth is that things do change. There is a whole heck of a lot you can’t really do anymore. There is no driving 2 hours to the beach in the middle of the night just to sit and listen to the ocean for an hour (yes, we have done that before). There are no 3 hour dinners at your favorite restaurant anytime you want. There is no doubt that having a baby changes a lot of things.

BUT! Little did I know that what it would change into was about 100 million times better than I ever thought. I still hate lazy days and staying in all day — those feelings didn’t change because I had a baby. If anything my love for adventures has just been heightened because now we get to take Rowan with us. The types of outings and adventures are all different. Things need to be a little less spontaneous and a little more thought out, but that’s ok. Adventures can still be had! Since Rowan was born we have tried to find the perfect balance of schedule and spontaneity. I think because of that, Rowan has become a super happy, adaptable baby. She doesn’t have to be home to take a nap. Her nap doesn’t have to be exactly at a certain time. Her bedtime varies from about 7:30 to beyond depending what we’re doing that evening. She is social, loving and carefree.

There is nothing greater than experiencing new things with Rowan. I am always so thankful that my parents where able to travel so much with us when we were little. We moved around a bit too. They instilled this idea that the world doesn’t have to seem so big. That nothing has to stop us from achieving our dreams and that we did’t have to settle for our situations if we weren’t happy with them. They always encouraged our passions and nudged us just a bit to accomplish more. They had the right amount of support but also enough distance to let us figure things out for ourselves when we needed to. This molded me to who I am today. I dream big and I try hard to go after what I want. I want to travel everywhere. I want to experience everything. I love life, fresh air and playing outside.

I was a lucky girl to find my perfect match in Kev. He dreams bigs, he loves being outside more than I do and we both are dying to share just how much life has to offer to sweet little Rowan. I want Rowan to grow up full of passion and excitement for life. Being able to take her to things like Museums, concerts, the zoo, bike trips, picnics, different cities, etc… has become our new passion. Seeing her eyes light up as she gets to experience something new makes it worth a late bed time or the planning and stress to get us all there. This is our little family we are creating and I want Rowan to look back on her childhood and remember all these special moments we have created with her. What an absolute joy it has been  and will continue to be  to share these things with her.

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