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May 22, 2012


(Akira kimono, Rebecca Minkoff “Vanity” bag, Kork-Ease “Betheny” sandals, Isabel Lu dress, Vanessa Mooney “Moon Shield” necklace and bracelet)

Time spent with my sister is always a bit wild. Concerts are a must! We busted out two in one evening and honestly, the guitarist always ends up on the floor…or the night slips away with silly games of hangmen. It’s probably also noticeable that Dy and I share our clothes whenever we’re together. I borrow her leather jacket all the time, or she’ll wear my shoes (yep, we both have the same size foot!) This particular time, our weekend revolved around this killer floral kimono. Over mini-dresses, band tees, or jeans, we both wore it in our own ways. It really did make our rock n’ roll nights all the more merry.

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