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October 15, 2014


  • Feeling Hagstrom Blue Sparkle

    Feeling Hagstrom Blue Sparkle

  • Pre-rocked Guitars

    Pre-rocked Guitars

  • Imagining


  • Concealing Rock History

    Concealing Rock History

  • Testing 1 - 2 - 3

    Testing 1 - 2 - 3

  • Kurt Cobain's Hagstrom Blue Sparkle

    Kurt Cobain's Hagstrom Blue Sparkle

The beautiful display of 70’s Fenders and rare Rickenbackers we spotted through the window summoned us into BlackBook Guitars like moths to a flame. Nate, the owner, was quick to greet us with his warm smile as we strolled through the front doors.

For a rock-obsessed girl like me, walking into BlackBook Guitars was like coming home. It smelled legendary, if legend has a smell. My mind started racing as I began to imagine the back-story of each vintage guitar – each scratch, each stain telling its own unique tale.

Like an encyclopedia of rock history, Nate explained the significance of each rare treasure that I laid eyes on. His passion for curating impossible-to-find guitars, vintage basses, amps and pedals from northwest music history makers beamed, and when he showed me a guitar that was once owned by Kurt Cobain, I decided that my life, in that moment, was complete.

When you’re in Portland and feeling a bit Hagstrom blue sparkle, stop by Nate’s place at 3624 N Mississippi Ave, and be sure to check out his amazing  finds at

Featured: Kork-Ease Helene in midnight, currently sold out. More sublime colors available.

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