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November 19, 2014


  • Built, Owned & Operated by Musicians

    Built, Owned & Operated by Musicians

  • Kork-Ease Gisselle

    Kork-Ease Gisselle

  • Burger Stars. Best Fries.

    Burger Stars. Best Fries.

  • Doors Open at 8:00PM

    Doors Open at 8:00PM

  • Acts From Across the World Covering Almost Every Music Genre

    Acts From Across the World Covering Almost Every Music Genre

If you’re looking for some homegrown goodness, you’ve got to stop by Mississippi Studios. Built from the ground up by Portland musicians, you can tell they’ve poured their hearts and souls into the foundation of this place. Not only was it created by artists, it was created for artists.

Being part of such a big, thriving city, this neighborhood gem had a distinctive charm. It was intimate and cozy without being exclusive. I felt like a local there, surrounded by good people enjoying good drinks and amazing music. The acoustics in this place were unlike anything I had ever experienced, causing my bones to vibrate along to the delicious beats.

And speaking of delicious, the burger I devoured at Mississippi Studio’s restaurant, Bar Bar was nothing other than delectable. The Angry Rhino BBQ Burger is a must-try for all of my carnivorous friends.

From cultivating great talent to cultivating great eats, the guys at Mississippi Studios have made it their mission to give the community an unparalleled experience. Want to know more? Stop by 3939 N Mississippi Avenue or check out

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