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June 11, 2015

Office Style – Introducing Keirn


When it comes to dressing for work, there are two key things I always keep in mind; style and comfort.

It’s important to know how good something is going to look, and how comfortable it’s going to be to spend the day in. Certain questions that crop up in my head while I’m getting dressed usually vary from “Can I spend the day on my feet in these shoes?” and “How comfortable will I be walking to grab lunch in this?” and “Actually, I wonder what I should have for lunch today?” and “Did that new lunch spot around the block from me open up yet?”

Never knowing where the day will take me, comfortable shoes are always a must. Today, I wore the super comfy bi-color Keirn sandals  – one of our newest additions to the Kork-Ease line. The team here is so excited to finally share it with everyone!


Keirn is a black suede and avana brown leather wedge with an adjustable ankle strap supplying max comfort. Pairing them with an all-black look is a slick way to make such a rich brown leather pop.

Today, I put a little business casual twist on this comfy wedge by pairing it with a sleek, minimalist black romper. The bi-color design of this sandal worked perfectly with the neutral tone of my outfit. Keirn isn’t suited to just any one style though – thanks to a classic silhouette and a neutral color palette, it easily works with just about anything in your closet.


Keirn is an early addition to our fall line, but it’s an incredible transitional style thanks to its open-toe silhouette. For the summer, wear it with your favorite white crocheted lace sundress to let the deep colors pop. When chilly autumn winds start to roll in, pair Keirn with high-waist bell bottom jeans for a throwback Thursday worthy look!

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Keirn comes in four colors; Black Avana (brown/black, pictured here), Stone Under (grey), T. Moro (dark brown) and Mina Rolio Suede (blue/grey combo).


copy avana blackstone under png

  • Keirn in Stone Under

    Keirn in Stone Under

  • Keirn in Black/Avana

    Keirn in Black/Avana

  • Keirn in T. Moro

    Keirn in T. Moro

  • Keirn in Rolio Suede

    Keirn in Rolio Suede

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