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July 23, 2015

2.0 Comfort Technology

To spend a day in a pair of Kork-Ease is spend a day in complete comfort. Chalk it up to cushy, padded platforms or flawless design; no one ends a day spent Kork-Ease clutching her feet.

Perhaps you can actually chalk it up our insanely comfortable constructions. We recently created a whole new way to build a delightfully cushioned shoe, and we’re calling that technique our 2.0 Comfort Technology. You can tell which shoes are built with this awesome design because it’s signified with a neat little raspberry bubble next to its name on But what does this raspberry bubble mean, exactly?

Allow us to explain: We are now using a super dense foam that allows the wearer to feel like she is walking among fluffy clouds. The outer layer of foam provides shape and structure while supporting your foot. The inner layer of foam works to cushion your foot where you need it most.

Among our shoes available now getting the 2.0 treatment; Ava 2.0, Myrna 2.0, Keirn and Camberg.

Ava 2.0 and the Myrna 2.0 are classics you can count on always finding in our collection. Throughout the seasons we update these bad boys in new and fun color combos, but the silhouette will remain as timeless as it was when we first built it in the 70’s.

We have some fall styles built with 2.0 Comfort Technology; meet Camberg and Keirn. The open-toed Keirn stands a little higher than its closed-toe Camberg counterpart, but they both share a chic ankle strap design.

Shop our 2.0 Comfort Technology selections for a one way ticket to comfy town.

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