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February 26, 2016

What’s Your Color?: Ava 2.0


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Your shoes say a lot about your personality; sneakers imply a no-fuss, easy going spirit, while high heels imply a deep love for fashion. Those stereotypes are obvious and for anyone to guess, so let’s dig a little deeper. What does your shoe color say about you?

Our Ava 2.0 wedge comes in nine colors, three of which are vibrant, spring-ready choices and two of which are sleek neutrals. Our new 2.0 construction delivers an updated take on supreme comfort; combine the comfort with funky colors and you get the Ava 2.0. But the color you choose all comes down to your personality. Here’s what your color shoe says about you:

Radiant Orchid – You are a gentle, free spirit.
Marigold – You are friendly, with a sunny disposition.
Cerulean – You are reliable and a loyal friend.
Desert Sun – You are down-to-earth and wholesome.
Soft Gold – You are charismatic and individuality.

Which color suits your spring & summer wardrobe? Shop the shoe at

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