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March 31, 2016

Margo and Me: BETTE 2.0 Wedge

Jenny, of Margo and Me, recently channeled her inner flower child in a pair of BETTE 2.0 wedges, a classic Kork-Ease silhouette. Never has BETTE 2.0, one of our favorite wedges, looked so whimsical.

margo and me 1

Jenny slipped into the soft leather straps of our BETTE 2.0 wedge, in vanilla cork, for a picturesque walk along the Malibu coastline. A side slit in her lavender floral maxi dress allowed her wedges to peep out from the bottom. The neutral vanilla leather and cork bottom complemented the beauty of her dress, and added a retro vibe to the overall look.

BETTE 2.0 stands at 4 1/2″ with a generous, cushy platform. Jenny proves that its height is best suited for longer maxi dresses. The sandal is an updated take on our classic ’70s wedge silhouette. It’s a part of our 2.0 collection, which features a footbed with an updated design that yields a supremely soft and comfortable shoe. We’ve given the 2.0 update to most of our beloved classic styles. See the full 2.0 collection here.

bette 20 vanilla tymble

BETTE 2.0 is available in vanilla and black, both with a cork bottom, and natural vanilla and black black, with each bottom wrapped in leather. See the styles here.

“Kork-Ease designs have subtle nostalgic nods to ’70s style which I love and go perfectly with any beach day vibe,” Jenny writes about the brand. See the full post, called Whimsical Wanderings, at

margo and me 3



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