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June 2, 2016

Kork-Ease x Jen Steele of Girls I Know

Kork-Ease crafts for the woman who walks the line between a retro and modern lifestyle. As we design each season, we aim to celebrate that inspired, impassioned spirit.

It’s no surprise that we’ve gone gaga for Girls I Know, a Manhattan-based blog dedicated to showcasing talented women from around the city. The blog features portraits of women alongside a tidbit about their achievements and dreams. Girls I Know is a treasure trove of female role models. The blog will be relaunched in the fall. For the time being, head over to their Instagram page.

We recently chatted with Jen Steele, the vibrant co-founder behind Girls I Know. She’s interviewed artists, businesswomen, thinkers, and social activists to find what makes them tick. Jen is as brilliant as the women she has surrounded herself with. By bringing such awesome women into our daily lives with her blog, she has become a patron saint of girl power.

While you await the exciting relaunch of, check out our chat with Jen below.

Jen Steele

KE: Tell us about Girls I Know! 

GIRLS I KNOW is a project and website i created four years ago to inspire women to start thinking about what they want in life, and also how they might get there or get it. I did this by telling the stories of influential women I know. Essentially, Girls I Know is a platform for girls and women who have something to say, and place for them to connect through storytelling

What has been the most rewarding thing about creating GIK?

What I hoped would happen, did. Many different women have connected with one another through Girls I Know. These connects have often led to friendships or working relationships that ultimately are all rooted in a supportive and safe set of standards.

Who are your personal role models?

My grandmother, Mary Lynn, Joan Didion, Gloria Steinem, Lea Seydoux, Mia Farrow

What song or album do you have on repeat right now?

Jesse Marchant’s B sides – 7 & The Fall

What advice would you give your younger self about living in New York?

Have patience and sleep more.

When the work stops, what is your favorite way to wind down?

I like walking and listening to music, riding my bike, having conversations with friends, and reading National Geographic.

What is your ideal Saturday night?

The ideal Saturday night for me is when people I care about allow me to cook them dinner. I’m not a great cook, but I do love trying and I’m getting better. Setting up a scene and creating an atmosphere, telling stories, playing games, maybe walking out into the night later when everyone is just full enough and happy.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for being a 20 or 30-something women in 2015? 

I think this is a very strong question. I sound like a politician in my own mind, but really this is an exciting question to consider. The challenges for a 20-something are very different for a 30-something, and then again, challenges are individualistic. One of which leads me to believe everyone may have a different answer for this relatively broad question. For me, in my 20s, standing up for myself was a huge challenge. I was always confident and strong-willed  but I was taken advantage of by many people. And I let them too. I didn’t understand what I deserved. Right now, 30 years old and I think this year has been about direction and understanding time, we often hear people say, ‘life is short’… I never really believe that sentiment until this year. So the challenge here, for me, was to remember to surround myself with solid people and engage with experiences that have texture.

We look forward to the blog relaunch this fall, and will follow Girls I Know’s Instagram feed for updates in the meantime.

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