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September 13, 2016

How to Wear Ankle Boots

Ripped skinny jeans and a vintage Ford pickup truck. Sometimes, these are the only two things needed to make a pair of ankle boots look unbelievably cool.


Jess Ann Kirby of Prosecco and Plaid wears our VELMA boot in Marmotta Suede. Her outfit pays homage to a bohemian autumn, while emanating an effortlessly cool vibe.

Apart from the cool factor, the best thing about her outfit is that it’s made up of everyday pieces; a refined tee, jeans and a bag are pieces that you can find at your favorite stores. Jess elevates her look by keeping a consistent, muted color palette.


In her post called Modern Bohemian, she writes, “I lean towards more wearable everyday pieces that have a bohemian yet modern feel. A few weeks ago on my snapchat Q&A someone asked what my number one purchase for fall is and my answer was ankle boots.”

VELMA is available in five leathers: black, black suede, taupe, marmotta suede, rum and port. All of our Italian leathers are soft to touch, and some (rum and port) are handfinished with love and care. The suede is luxurious, and the full-grain leathers are lustrous. Take a look at each leather and decide which would best fit your fall wardrobe.

Before the end of Modern Bohemian, Jess declares, “These Velma ankle boots from Kork-Ease are the total package, style and comfort all in one.”

We have to agree. Shop VELMA here.


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