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October 31, 2016

Kork-Ease Boot Care

Our Italian leathers are carefully handpicked. For certain boots, like NATALYA in tan and VELMA in port, the leather undergoes a delicate hand-finishing process to give the boot a beautiful, one-of-a-kind patina look. But patina or not, each leather undergoes a vegetable-tanning process that uses recycled water from within our factory.


It goes without say that we care about our leathers, and we hope that you do too. If you want your boots to last a long time, it’s important to take proper care of them. Here’s what we suggest you do to protect your Kork-Ease and ensure they last as long as you love them (which we hope will be forever and ever).

  1. Break them in around the house.
    Don’t fear if our boots feel tight right out of the box – the leather needs to be broken in. Put on a thick pair of socks, walk up and down your stairs, kick up your feet and watch four favorite episodes of (insert your favorite TV show here). Chat with your girlfriend over the phone, try on some outfits you intend to wear with your new boots. We guarantee that after some time around the house, when you go to put your boots on for real, they’ll have broken in.
  2. Protect them from moisture.
    Our leather lining is soft. It’s easy for the foot to slide right into the boot. But let’s not pretend feet smell like roses 100% of the time. Make sure to air your boots out after wear. Keep them in an airy, warm area. Sunlight also helps to kill odor and dry moisture, so long as it’s a weak winter sun.
  3. Clean them as soon as they get dirty.
    It happens. We jump over one puddle, and are deceived by what we thought was flat concrete and end up stepping in another puddle. But more dangerous than a puddle (because leather does dry naturally) is salt from sidewalks. Salt buildup on a boot can erode the leather and leave a nasty stain. Whether dirt or salt is the antagonist, make sure to clean your boots the day they get dirty.

    FOR DIRT REMOVAL, WE SUGGEST: To remove dirt from your boot, take a stiff-bristled brush and gentle work the dirt until it’s gone. If the boot is calf hair, make sure to gently brush in the direction of the hair.
    FOR SALT REMOVAL, WE SUGGEST: To remove salt from your boots, mix a tablespoon of white vinegar with cold water. Using a rag, gently rub off the salt. Wipe clean with another towel or rag when done.

And viola! Your shoes will last yet another season. Shop our selection of fresh boots here.

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