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October 13, 2016

Q+A with Laticia from BluHazl


Sisters Laticia and D’Ana would agree: life is better with a best friend by your side. The sisters curate BluHazl, a community founded to celebrate female empowerment. Followers of BluHazl, affectionately deemed a “sisterhood,” can come to the website every day for workout inspiration, recipes, style ideas, and more.

More than the style, the food and the workouts, BluHazl is a place for women to be inspired. You can feel the love Laticia and D’Ana have for each other and their sisterhood in posts like “3 Important Things to Remind Your Sister.” We are endlessly inspired by the energy and support these two women supply each other and their following.

Read our conversation with Laticia below.


What’s the best way to spend a day with your sister?

An awesome day for my sister and I would definitely start off with D’Ana making two tasty Daily Harvest smoothies, then hitting the gym crushing workout Wednesday. Next we get to blogging, creating and curating real content to inspire our BluHazl sisterhood community. We brainstorm, shoot images, respond to emails and be grateful for BluHazl and all of our supporters. After work is done we like to go out for dinner and a movie. We love finding delicious, new and nutritious restaurants in Atlanta, we’re total foodies. Lastly, our day would end by catching a fun chick flick.

Tell us about BluHazl’s mission. What message do you hope to convey to young women?

BluHazl is a lifestyle blog where my sister and I share our clean eating, passport stamping, shoe hoarding sisterhood. As they say, there’s no better friend than a sister, we truly believe in this and realize how important and impactful having a sister really is. In the hopes to inspire, guide, and be a friend to all, my sister and I created as a space where all women can come and be apart of our sisterhood. BluHazl embodies a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition, style, travel, and sharing advice and experiences that magnify the power of sisterhood. BluHazl, we’re all sister’s here. #GirlPower

What’s one thing you and D’ana have in common? What’s one thing that makes you opposites?

D’Ana and I both share same love and infatuation with our family. We always put our family first and love spending time with our family. We come from a family of seven and we all have a very close and special relationship with one another

D’Ana and I are definitely opposite when it comes to the kitchen. D’Ana loves to cook, me not so much. D’Ana is a recent culinary grad, which inspired her to live a nutritiously organic lifestyle. D’Ana believes in putting raw, clean nutrition into her body on the daily, me on the other hand I’m still learning. I enjoy all kinds of food and some not so nutritious (ie I love brownie sundaes and chicken fingers). Although I’m learning how to put all the goods in my body thank to D’Ana I still love a fat burger and fries.

Do you have any exciting style tips for fall dressing? 

We love fall! Currently we are obsessed with textures, layering and Kork-Ease boots. Velvet is our total go-to this fall, paired with a super coot bootie like the Umbriel in tenne suede, paired with a fun faux fur and we’re out the door!

What’s one recipe everyone should try this fall?

Definitely SIMPLE MILLS BANANA BREAD! There’s nothing better than getting cozy in the fall breeze and coming home to tasty banana bread. The Simple Mills banana bread recipe isn’t only delicious, but nutritious with real ingredients and simple to make. Find the recipe here.

Describe your personal style.

Our personal style is a mixture of fun and classic pieces combined to create a stylish yet chic look. We love an easy T-shirt dress, where we can add a touch of glam through texture and layers, and finish it off with a gorgeous shoe. If you didn’t know, we are total shoe hoarders, guilty!

Tell us how VELMA + UMBRIEL fits into your wardrobe.

What woman doesn’t love a chic and comfortable boot for the fall? Having a gorgeous boot is a must have for this fall season. Velma is my go-to for all fall festivities. This super cute bootie can make a simple outfit ultra chic and stylish. When creating my fall wardrobe color and comfort are key factors, and this beautiful marmotta suede bootie is everything!

The Umbriel is the perfect boot for the boho chic inspired! This boot will be worn daily when I want to add a touch of glam and fun to my wardrobe. And might I add how comfortable this mid-calf boot feels? I can’t get over how comfortable and stylish the Umbriel boot is. The Umbriel is definitely in my top three favorite boots this fall soon.

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