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November 3, 2016

Q+A with Jenny Megenney

Jenny Megenney is a photographer with a vision. Her penchant to find beauty just about everywhere is contagious, and apparent in every single photograph she takes.

Her photographs are shot beneath a desert-meets-boho Southern Californian backdrop complete with splashes of warm light and stunning landscapes. Everyone she photographs glows in their individualistic way – it’s no surprise Jenny loves to photograph people the most.

Basically, Jenny’s the girl every fashion blogger, or girl proud of her outfit, wants in her corner.

She is as lovely as her artistic vision. Check out our Q+A with her below.


Kork-Ease: What’s your favorite subject to photograph?
JENNY: I love photographing people more than anything. I love the rawness of emotion whether it’s happiness or sadness, it is an incredible feeling to be able to see a single facet of someone’s soul through a single photograph.

With fall finally here, do you have a special place to capture the change of seasons with your lens?
I do! I live about an hour away from Big Bear, Ca. Everything is magical and golden there this time of year and the views are unbelievable.

Do you have any tips for aspiring an photographer?
Shoot for yourself. Indulge in life and photograph what makes you happy! If you aren’t jumping out of bed every morning, excited to see what the day and your “job” brings, you aren’t doing it right… Be yourself, shoot for yourself, love yourself, and everything will eventually fall into place. Just go for it!


What kind of shoes do you wear when you go out to take pictures?
I usually wear boots of some sort. I’m loving the Velma for that right now! It’s still pretty warm in SoCal, so these little leather ankle booties are literally perfection on my feet.

Describe your personal style.
My wardrobe changes from day to day, but my personal style is minimalistic with a hint of vintage flare. I am usually wearing a brown leather watch my great grandma wore for work back in the day, and my favorite gold and blue topaz ring that my boyfriend got me from a thrift store in Chico. I guess I am pretty nostalgic,ha! I like wearing items that make me happy and are meaningful.

Tell us how either the STINA or VELMA fits into your wardrobe.
The Velma is now my go to “shoot shoe” I seriously cannot get enough of them. They’re super comfy like a running shoe, with amazing arch support, yet stylish, classic, and fun. I feel like they were literally made just for me and all of my adventures.

When I go to meetings, consultations, or events, the STINA is always my first choice of shoe. They are adorable, match with everything, and are perfect for walking around and networking. These shoes are always a conversation starter, I can’t express how much confidence they have given me.

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