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February 15, 2017

Kork-Ease and Ohlin/D

ohlin edit

We’re currently crushing on Ohlin/D, a New York-based fashion label whose Fall/Winter 2017 collection looks just beyond in our shoes.

Ohlin/D held its Fall/Winter 2017 presentation last Thursday during New York Fashion Week.  In spite of the freezing wind and snow, a crowd streamed into the cozy Roll & Hill lighting showroom to admire the artistic collection.

We were there to supply the wedges. Isn’t that what friends are for? We had the pleasure of outfitting the collection with AVA and BETTE. Thanks to the cork-wrapped wedge, our beloved classic sandals lent a down-to-earth, natural feel to each outfit. The cork bottoms jived with Ohlin/D’s “do no harm” environmental and animal cruelty free standard. Turns out, they love the earth just as much as we do.cork ohlin

The label was founded by Anne Deane and Jacob Park in September 2013. Together with Sinead Lawlor, Ohlin/D’s design director, Deane and Park collaborate with a new artist each season. The result is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind aesthetic for each collection.

Beyond looks, the label is socially and environmentally conscious. From responsibly recycling textiles, to upholding culturally diverse workplaces, to conserving water, the Ohlin/D pursues several initiatives. Read more here.

ohlin edu

During the presentation, models carried a handheld chalkboard that read “#OD4EDU,” a hashtag in support of education. Some read books while passing the time. Talking to WWD, Park said he and Anna were concerned with the state of education in the country. Inspired by this, they designed with an off-duty librarian in mind. See the inspiration at work in a tweed bralette layered over a white button down shirt, paired with matching tweed pants. A few looks, including a lavender silk dress and a versatile white blouse, are punctuated with big pussy-bow collars that feel polished but playful.

orange ohlin

We love Ohlin/D for using our wedges to create a beautiful and smart presentation.

Learn more about Ohlin/D here.

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