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March 27, 2017

A Leather Story: Spring 2017

Designing the Kork-Ease Spring 2017 collection started with a vision: a silhouette of  a shoe, sketched by pencil, on a plain white sheet of paper. Perhaps it’s a boot, an open-toe sandal, or a slide-on mule with a two-inch heel. Whatever it was, it was nothing more than shoe-shaped lines and curves on a page.

korkease behind the scenes

This sketch went through many iterations. The heel height was adjusted; it was brought down a few millimeters, it was brought up a half-inch. It was sketched, again and again, until it was perfect.

After the vision had been finalized, the materials were picked.

korkease leathers

We imagined the sketched silhouettes in metallic, distressed suede, and smooth, full-grain leather. We thought long and hard about which would best speak to the season.

Every season, we look at leathers of different dyes and finishes – from neutrals to brights, from oiled to distressed. We look at what’s best for our upcoming collection. This spring, we updated our neutrals to be fresh, fun, and versatile. There’s NATURAL full-grain leather, a cream-colored shade with a smooth finish; CEMENT, a cool cross between brown and grey; and LIGHT GREY, a soft suede the color of the moon.

Then we added some brights, since spring and summer are fun seasons worth celebrating in color. Colors are inspired by nature: there’s a sunny shade of YELLOW; a grassy shade of MOODY green; BLUMER, a deep blue like a northern ocean, and TURQUOISE, a stunning tropical blue.

On each of these leathers, the color seamlessly moves from dark to light around the edges. This look is achieved through a hand-finishing process. Because of this, every shoe is unique. As always, there is a touch of comfortable cork to our final designs.

And just like that, a sheet of leather transforms into your favorite pair of sandals. All of our leathers are sourced from Europe, from highly reputable tanneries. We use a vegetable dye process that’s environmentally conscious.

Shop our spring collection here.

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