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April 27, 2017

Fun Facts: The Ava Wedge

If you didn’t know then now you know. One of our shoes was inducted into a prestigious museum, and you might already be wearing it.

KorkEase AVA THumb

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute maintains a Landmark Shoe Collection filled with shoes that have changed history. In it, you’ll find gorgeous works of art by legendary shoe designers: the first platform shoe crafted by legend Salvatore Ferragamo, turquoise evening shoes embellished with turquoise stones by Roger Vivier, and purple silk evening heels adorned with a silk bow by Christian Dior.

Looking through the archives is a fun crash history lesson; we can observe how the world changed through changes in fashion. You’ll shapeless leather socks with no support at all that were once considered shoes for stylish men in 16th century Britain. Scroll a few pages more and you’ll find images of silk shoes worn by brides in China in the 19th century. The Costume Institute’s Landmark Shoe Collection has an impressive assortment of shoes collected shoes from across the world, and across centuries.

Keep scrolling and you’ll also see our AVA wedge. AVA is our signature platform sandal with crisscrossing leather straps, dubbed the “buffalo sandal” back in the seventies.

Costume Institute

Yup. There’s our girl. In 1973, AVA was inducted into the Landmark Shoe Collection. It was and still is an iconic silhouette. The wedge was worn by both men and women whose love for disco absolutely took over their wardrobe. Believe it or not, the AVA is just as relevant today as it was during the height of disco fever. Women who wore our wedge back then danced their way into Studio 54 in eclectic outfits. Today, our timeless wedge blends with women who have that same spirit. The AVA wedge goes great with jeans and sundresses, and seamlessly fits into a modern wardrobe. We’ve even seen a few ladies wearing it with mismatched socks. It’s the kind of shoe that thanks to its relatively blank canvas, channels originality.

We’re honored to be included in a collection that spans cultures, countries and centuries. Unfortunately, AVA isn’t currently on view. Fortunately, you can shop that wedge on our website right now.


The difference in color between the style in 1973 and the style today is due to the leather’s patina. Over time, especially when exposed to light, the leather’s light cream color deepens to a rich sand tan. The leather softens, and becomes more pliable, ultimately fitting your foot like a glove.

Shop the iconic AVA here. Available in whole sizes only.

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