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April 7, 2017

#Originators: Photog Jenny Megenney

Jen meg 3

Photographer Jenny Megenney loves what she does so much that it makes us want to buy a camera. The pictures she takes, from wedding portraits to sunny desert landscapes, tempt us to travel to southern California. Her vibrant personality and love for life shows in every image. She is undoubtedly an #Originator.

She recently decided to take her blog, which lives on a webpage attached to her professional photography website, in a new direction. She has bravely pledged to showcase her unfiltered self. This year she plans to tell her story without the fear that comes from putting oneself out there. We are certainly behind this initiative; we believe in being yourself all the time.

Her passion is telling people’s stories through photography. But she loves other forms of story telling; soon she’ll have her master’s degree and begin work as an English teacher, thanks to a love for English literature.

We’re sure Jenny doesn’t wake up every morning with the goal to inspire us; it’s just a product of who she is. Allow us then the pleasure of telling her story through our wonderful Q+A with her.

Jenny Megenney shoes

KE: Jenny, your photography is stunning. Can you talk a little bit about why you’re so passionate about photography?

JM The intertwining of compelling and captivating visual arts and storytelling is why I am so passionate about photography. It is a universal language that allows people to see bits and pieces of moments: intimate fragments of someone’s life. It’s incredible once you really think about the magic these images possess.

If we were looking at a book with work from various photographers, how would we know we’ve come upon your images?

I love playing around with lighting in my images, but I would have to say I am most well known for my vibrant back-lit images. I like to call my style luminously crisp. I like my images to be fresh with a little bit of flare.

Describe your personal style. What would you say defines your signature look?

My personal style is so mixed. Regardless of whatever I choose to wear, I end up incorporating vintage pieces. I’m a bit of a hippie at heart. If I had to tell you my signature looks, I would either say brown leather boots, jeans, incorporated lace or florals, my grandmother’s brown leather work watch, and my favorite blue topaz art deco ring if I was feeling a little fancier. Or, I would say high-waist jeans, a tie dyed top, all sorts of vintage rings, sandals, and a rose quartz pendant.

What shoes do you like to wear when you’re out exploring and taking pictures?

My all time favorite shooting shoes are the  VELMA in rum. These shoes are so versatile, comfortable, and they match my style perfectly! I am always adventuring in the strangest locations, so these shoes always keep my feet happy and well protected!

If you weren’t into photography, what would you see yourself doing?

Although I love photography and will always keep pursuing my creative dreams through this medium, I have to admit I am having a love affair with English literature. My bachelor’s degree in college was in English literature, and I am actually about to finish my master’s degree in education this year so that I can become an English teacher as well. I guess you could say I am a bit obsessed with the incredible art of storytelling…there is no greater magic in the world.

Jenny wears our NARA sandal in etiope. For some good vibes, take a look at Jenny’s photography portfolio here.

jen meg 2

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