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May 12, 2017

Chatting with Tessa Barton

It isn’t enough to say Tessa Barton has style; there’s something undefinable in her aesthetic. Maybe it’s her eclectic wardrobe, her rock n’ roll spirit, or her penchant for colorful accessories. Whatever “it” is, we are totally captured by her look.

Tessa brings “it” to everything she does. Her band, Doe, has a sound of “a collision of hip-hop beets mixed with rock and roll moody vibes.” Her photography verges on trippy, fusing colors and blurred subjects in an artful, elusive way. Everything she touches has an unmistakable, original vibe. From her musical career, to her photography, to her style, she is a total original.

A Salt Lake City native, she’s currently living her dream in New York. We had the chance to talk to Tessa about coast to coast style, and what’s inspired her signature look.

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KE: You’re a talented photographer, musician, and model for your inspiring website, By Tezza. Tell us about the many interesting projects you’re currently involved with.

TB: Thank you so much! You know, I live for the arts and being creative so it’s fun to be able to spread my passions into so many different mediums. I actually just created a new medium in joining the YouTube family. I am really excited about this because it will be even more of a combination of music and visuals and creating stories!

You share endless stories and experiences with your followers through By Tezza. If you had to choose, what has been your most memorable adventure yet?

I guess I would have to say my honeymoon as cheesy as that may sound! We went to Santorini, Greece and had the most magical time. From renting a little smart car convertible that hardly worked and driving through the country side of this little island and finding little restaurants and artists in every nook – it was a magical experience. We also spent about eight days on this island, which really allowed us to dig in and get to know it better than just passing through.

Describe your band’s sound. What musicians have influenced you?

I originally played in a rock band for years, and we were inspired by bands like The White Stripes, Tom Petty to Fleetwood Mac and Florence and the Machine. My current band is a project we started a little over a year ago. A friend of mine was a hip-hop producer for a rap group and we decided to start writing together. The sound is a collision of hip-hop beets mixed with rock and roll moody vibes. That’s the best I can describe it. We both come from such different backgrounds it makes for a really interesting collaboration.

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You’ve recently made the move from Utah to New York City. How has your wardrobe changed with your new zip code?

Yes, I definitely realized the second I got here how inspired I was by the West Coast – my style has been through quite the rigmarole. My style has always been very much inspired by the ‘70s and rock and roll, so now it is kind of in-between boho chic, rocker and city girl.

How did you come to land in New York City? What’s the hardest thing about transitioning to life on the east coast? And the most rewarding?

I had lived here when I was 16, attending Parsons for fashion design. I loved it so much then and knew at some point I would be back. It was as simple as one day pulling the trigger on an apartment and getting out here, with zero plans of what on earth I would be doing. It was hands down the best decision I have ever made. Of course I think the hardest transition is how expensive the city is, but you have to realize you are paying to live and be a part of the coolest club in the world! I love the people, I love the energy, the inspiration, the art, the food, I could go on forever. I can’t get enough.

Tell us about your personal style philosophy. 

I grew up with a grandmother who was also 6′ tall, rocked sequins and massive earrings, always over did it and owned her look. I think really looking back she is my inspiration. Of course, music and musicians have always played a big role in inspiring my look. I think if I had to put my philosophy into words, it would be, “you can never have too much.”

Tessa wears our LAWTON heel in light grey. Shop here. Read more about Tessa on her website.

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