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September 14, 2017

Fall 2017: A Leather Story


Fall is the season of three things: plaid, pumpkin-flavored everything, and boots.

Because we don’t make flannels or spiced beverages, we’re here to talk boots. As soon as summer ends, boots are everything. That isn’t an overstatement. When those cool mornings hit, we start wearing boots just about every single day. Flat boots, heeled boots, cutout booties. Because boots are something you wear so often, you should invest in a pair that feels good on your foot and looks good with everything in your closet, from your fashion risks (you WILL wear that skirt one day) to your everyday uniform.

We don’t take boots lightly. We know you have to spend a lot on them, and we know you expect them to last for years. That’s why we work with our wonderful Italian tanneries for months, picking out the right leathers, from rich full-grains to supple suedes. Leather makes the boot.

America’s vast, stunning landscapes inspire our color palette every season. For Fall 2017, we carefully considered our greys, browns, and blues. Our smoky grey leathers pay homage to the moody clouds that envelop pacific northwest skies, and the gentle grey fog that crawls across the morning landscape. Our rich range of browns evoke Utah and Nevada’s expansive deserts, where in a single glance you can see endless dusty hues that seem to stretch into infinity. Our blues are directly inspired by the deep Atlantic ocean, pushed and pulled by the moon and wind, as observed from our New England headquarters.

If our leathers appear to be vintage, it’s because we burnish them by hand to have a time-worn appearance. We want them to look like you’ve loved them for years. To us, that’s a mark of a high quality, well-built shoe. The fall palette isn’t typically bright and punchy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be drab. Our leathers are  finished by hand to have high and low dimensions to them, depending on how they catch the light. See our hand-finishing process at work on NATALYA in bourbon, VELMA in port, and BELLOTA in rum.

  • BELLOTA in rum

    BELLOTA in rum

  • NATALYA in bourbon

    NATALYA in bourbon

  • VELMA in port

    VELMA in port

Embrace the full scope of our leather’s beauty in our Fall 2017 Collection.

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