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May 14, 2018

Spring 2018: Our Most Versatile Collection

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Introducing the Kork-Ease Spring 2018 collection.

Here’s the situation: You’re have this spectacular vacation planned for the summer. In order to make room for all of the outfits you want to pack (options are a must), you decide to only bring one pair of sandals. After you rightfully wonder how on earth you’ll narrow down your shoe closet, you check out our collection. Here you find an endless offering of cork wedges, leather sandals, and cushioned footbeds, that look just as good during the day walking around town as they will at night.

What we’re getting at is this: Our Spring 2018 collection is our most versatile yet.

We use two kinds of footbeds: cork or leather. Cork is a natural, moisture-wicking material. Our cork footbeds, available on a range of flat sandals and wedges, are great for sunny days when you plan to walk around in the summer heat. Leather footbeds are breathable, and just as comfortable as cork, but have a different vibe to them. If cork feels more casual, then leather is a little more refined. We usually save leather footbeds for our dressier sandals, the kind you wear at night, for a cozy seaside dinner.

This spring, we introduce a few of our favorite silhouettes, but with a twist. NARA is one of our classic flat sandals that’s been in our line for ages. It’s now available with a braided front strap. This update offers the same comfort as the original, but with a more artsy feel. The same goes for AUSTINone of our classic wedges. Check out the AUSTIN BRAID to see what we’ve done to it.

Apart from updating longtime favorites, we offer fresh new sandals that have been designed with your vacations in mind. Packing is a stressful process of elimination. That doesn’t have to be true of your footwear. This collection offers sandals that go with everything from daydresses, to summer jeans, to rompers. Whichever you slip into, we guarantee it’ll be the one and only sandal you’ll wear all summer long.

Shop the new collection here.





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