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September 17, 2018

Jess Ann Kirby Talks Passion and Purpose


Kork-Ease champions the woman with a one-of-a-kind spirit. So naturally , season after season, we check in on what Jess Ann Kirby is up to.

Jess recently wrote about her journey to becoming an entrepreneur, from the launch of her blog, formerly known as Prosecco & Plaid, to how she quite literally made a name for herself. Today, the blog is called, simply, Jess Ann Kirby.

Of the transition she writes, “I felt like, in the blogging world, I didn’t fit in. I didn’t own designer bags or shoes, I didn’t like going to fashion week, I didn’t drink Starbucks (**gasp). I wanted to do more than outfit posts.”


Jess Ann Kirby is a space for more than just outfit posts. It offers down-to-earth career, lifestyle, and travel advice for real women. She is not an Instagram caricature, but a human being trying to achieve her ideal lifestyle, and sharing what she learns about doing so along the way.

Of her transformation and journey, she writes, “I’m a girl that grew up in New England. I love walking my dogs, going to the beach, hikes, snow days, feeling COMFORTABLE. Sometimes I think that’s a dirty word in fashion, like being in pain or uncomfortable is a badge of honor. You should wear whatever you feel good in, and part of what I want to do in this space is encourage you to do so, whatever that looks like.”

Her journey, though undeniably fashionable, is inspiring. We are proud to make the comfortable pair of boots she reaches for when she wants to feel confident. Read about it in a recent article, “How I Found My Passion and Purpose as an Entrepreneur.”

Shop her GIBA boots here.

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