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October 24, 2018

Style Tips from Taylr Anne

Shoes are an extension of our personality.

We design shoes that are classic and versatile, so that each pair is a blank canvas. You can wear our boots with your favorite jeans and sweater, but also, with whatever funky combination of colors, materials, and patterns you’re feeling.

Take our Albin bootie. Albin is a timeless style with double gore and a flared heel. It was made with lustrous leather, a laid-on leather welt, and a leather and rubber sole.

It goes great with your favorite black leggings. But Taylr Anne is willing to take it a step further. She wears hers with an outfit defined by its pop of pink which instantly injects life into everything around her. We love her vibe, and asked her three questions in an attempt to define it. See them below.

taylr anne 1

KE: What’s inspiring you, right at this moment?

Right now, I am deeply inspired by simplicity. Having a uniform wardrobe, buying less— choosing small designers and shopping vintage. I recently started surfing a lot again and I forgot how happy it makes me.

Where will you travel next, and what’s one thing you must do there?

I am doing some road trips up the coast of California, stopping in Big Sur, Ojai and Yosemite. I love getting out in the fresh air and spending time taking in what’s around me.

A new reader has just found! What do you hope she learns from your site?

I hope whoever reads my site is inspired to create a life they love. We are here such a short time and to live fully is a rarity. I hope I can share my knowledge and insight in wellness, beauty and fashion to those who are seeking advice. If I can be an influencer and inspire one person from what I am publishing, I am happy.

taylr anne 3

Also, a tip from the professionals: Don’t be afraid to pair your booties with an off-beat pair of socks.

We can’t get enough of her unique look. Share your take on our classic silhouettes by using the hashtag #korkease and #originalyou in your post. We’d love to see your style!

Shop the ALBIN here.

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